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The Parquette Family | March 2019

It wasn't the kind of weather I'd hoped for. At all. But they still insisted on going to the beach. It wasn't their first time in Florida, but I wanted it to at least feel warm. But no, the weather had different plans. So away we went to the beach.

We used the beach towels as blankets to keep the cold wind away. The clouds sped across the sky, gray and drizzly.

"Sorry this is such a terrible beach day," I apologized to my sister and her husband. "I wanted Zelie's first time at the beach to be perfect!"

"Today is a great beach day!" they told me. And I guess coming from single digit weather in Illinois, 60's in Florida felt pretty good, despite the persistent wind and chilled waters.

With Zelie in her swimsuit and tutu, Devin and Brent took her into the ocean water for the first time. It splashed in her face, and she was intrigued -- for a moment -- and then decided it was too unpredictable for her. She needed the comfort and familiarity of her daddy's arms.

Devin and Brent, I miss you guys so much! It's hard to believe this was almost a year ago already. Now that your family has grown and Zelie is a big sister, you'll just have to come down again so little Nina can experience this too. And when you do, hopefully the weather will be a little more inviting. But whatever the weather, a beach day is what you make of it, and you make it great.

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