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The Guernsey Family | Fall 2018

There's a quote by Mother Teresa that reads, "Intense love does not measure. It just gives."

The weather was a perfect fall day - crisp air, a soft breeze, the summer colors beginning to lighten their grasp on the leaves. As beautiful as the scene was, it was quickly outshone as Joe and Hannah walked up with their two glowing children.

Their youngest, Luke, was only a few weeks old at the time, a beautiful little brother for Mary to love on. And love him she did.

"Mary, do you want to give Luke a kiss?" Hannah asked her.

Mary's immediate response was to lean forward so quickly that it looked like she might pull herself out of Joe's strong hold. Without waiting a second, Mary planted an enormous, innocent, wet kiss on the forehead of her little brother. She loved little Luke without measure. She just gave to him.

It's a trait, I know without doubt, she learned from her mother and father. Joe and Hannah emulate the words of Mother Teresa almost effortlessly. It's a lifestyle they've adopted and in turn have taught by example to their kids.

Joe and Hannah, I am so incredibly blessed to be able to call you friends. For as long as I've known you, you both have been some of the most selfless, giving people I've ever met. It's such a refreshing breath of air to see you and your family exemplify Mother Teresa's loving message to the world. I can only say thank you for being you, and thank you for showing all those around you how absolutely beautiful the power of family is.

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