Hey there! I'm Marlee. I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Florida but will happily travel anywhere!


Photography has always been something that I've loved - even since I was a little kid, playing around with my mom's film camera.


When my family got our first digital camera, I used it constantly. I set up makeshift studios in my living room with sheets from my bed and posed my siblings (willingly and unwillingly) in front of it. Even though those photos are definitely not the best quality, they are still some of my favorites, because they captured my budding love for photography. 

My favorite tv show EVER is "The Office" and Andy is my favorite character.

Whether you want to sit down to a coffee and chai tea latte (my favorite) together, or go out for some ice cream, I'm there with you!

If you love dancing, trust me, I'll be dancing too! If you can't imagine your session without your furry friend, I get you. Bring them along!

If, like me, you love and thrive on new friendships, let's get together! One of the greatest perks of what I do is the incredible friendships that are created with my clients, and I cherish those every. day. 


Marlee Kay is a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in central Florida.


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